Robot character animation! It’s so cute and excited.

My self as a paper puppet. I used this to teach some college tutors how to do a simple paper puppet animation. I’ll post the finished puppet when I find it!

I made a little plasticine angler fish at work.

Ignore my name everywhere. I had a signature on the sketches but I guess the photo disappeared. Some studies of Kalil from my senior film. Ignore the center ladies. It was just some style practices of my face.

Senior Show Reel from Alicia Young on Vimeo.

Since I haven’t uploaded or updated anything here is my Senior show reel. Just some snippets from my animations.

The song is by Echoes and it’s called “The Rapture”

My Monster, Kalil, and Milton are on their way to scare

Milton And Kalil Kalil’s FIrst Scare- First Half

This is my animation so far!


I am super excited about my music score that is being composed right now and I get to hear it so far tomorrow/today at 3pm. I hope it is as good as I hope it is. I had a lot of notes for the composer to take in. It boggles my mind how different music and animation language is because I can’t comunicate how I want it to sound, only how I want it to feel and they only know in terms of how it sounds instead of moods. 


This is what I get for being difficult and choosing to do a film instead. Yay, I’m a feeling director feels right now.

Milton and Kalil: Kalil’s Scare

This is what my senior film looks like so far guys! Sneak peek. I hope to get a lot more done before I graduate.


This is the animatic that I am sending to a student composer at my school so he/she can make a score for it and then the school orchestra will be playing that score later this semester!